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Tongham Wood Improvement Group

About us

TWIG is formed of local volunteers who began work in October 2002 to turn their local woodland - that was neglected, unmanaged, overgrown and subject to flytipping - into an amenity that could be used by the whole community for leisure and recreation and to further encourage wildlife to the area.

The group officially formed in June 2004 with a management committee and constitution. Work tasks are carried out every month and meetings held every two months (see 'Meetings' for current agenda, minutes and management committee). The group works under the guidance of Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership who manage the land for Surrey County Council. TWIG continues to further develop the amenity into an educational resource and provide a connection to the history of Tongham. It is a real asset for the village. As well as being home to a host of wildlife and great for dog walkers, children and an escape from it all, it has the potential to increase property value and prevent further built-up developments whilst creating a barrier to noise and pollution from the A331.

Working with Tongham Woodland Improvement Group gives you the opportunity to meet those who live around you, make Tongham an even better place to live and gives you a say in what you want to see in your wood.

How do I join?

We are happy for you to just turn up at a task and see if you want to become a regular volunteer. Otherwise if you want to join TWIG now as a volunteer simply complete the forms in the induction pack listed below and e-mail to twig@tonghamwood.org.uk or use the contact form to let us know you are interested.

Induction pack:

  1. Contact details form (pdf - 29kB) - the blank boxes can be typed into
  2. List of activities (pdf - 36kB) - click to tick in a box
  3. Wildlife record sheet (pdf - 9kB) - print this off to record sightings
  4. Newsletters - the Summer 2004 issue provides a good introduction
  5. Constitution of TWIG
  6. Most recent meeting minutes

When do you meet for tasks?

Tasks are usually held every third Sunday of every month from 10.30am onwards. The meeting point is at the main gate at the end of the garages off Garbetts Way (lying on the old railway line, near Maitlands Close) or find the group working in the wood. Dates for this year's task programme are found in the Activities pages.

What happens on a task?

Task dates and activities are decided by the group in advance and details are finalised on the actual day. Tasks are outlined in a task sheet on the day which also outlines potential hazards. You read these and sign in for the day (health and safety reasons). Activities can range from light duties of litter picking, to cutting back bramble, coppicing, planting, brush cutting and tree lopping - you can choose whether to carry out light or heavy duties.

What do I need to bring to a task?

TWIG have their own tools and equipment which is sometimes supplemented by the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership (BVCP).

Sturdy shoes is the minimum requirement to carry out voluntary tasks, it is advisable to wear steel toe capped boots at all times. Wear old clothes that you are not worried about getting dirty or torn that also protect your arms and legs. Gloves are provided by BVCP. There is no lunch provided only tea, coffee and biscuits. If you require a lunch you can bring a packed lunch.


A quarterly newsletter is produced by TWIG and distributed to local village residents, this provides information on current and future activities and matters relating to the wood. Electronic copies are available on this website in the 'News' section.

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