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  1. The name of the society will be: - Tongham Wood Improvement Group.
  2. The object of the group is to: -
    • Record and monitor the habitats, flora and fauna of the Tongham Community Wood.
    • To carry out practical conservation work within the community wood.
    • To advise on the management of the wood.
    • To promote the interest in the wood.
    • To protect and promote the flora and fauna of the woodland and to encourage people’s enjoyment of it.
  3. To fulfil these aims:
    • Other activities, in furtherance of the aims or for the benefit of the group, shall also be undertaken from time to time as the members see fit.
    • Money shall be raised when necessary for carrying out the aims of the group.
  4. The income and property of the group, whencesoever derived shall be applied solely for the promotion of the objects of the group.
  5. If the Group shall, by a two thirds majority decision of its members at an AGM or EGM*, cease to exist, if there remains, after the satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, any property at all, this to be given or transferred to a registered charity concerned with flora and fauna.
  6. Membership is open to any person who is interested in the flora and fauna in the woodland. Members shall pay an annual subscription rate that may be set by the members of the group in an annual or extraordinary meeting.
  7. The group shall hold the first annual general meeting not more than 18 months after its formation. Subsequent annual general meetings will be held once every calendar year provided that every annual general meeting shall be held not more than 15 months after the holding of the last preceding annual general meeting.
  8. All general meetings other than annual general meetings, shall be extraordinary general meetings.
  9. At least 21 days notice must be given of the date, time and place of general meeting to all the members of the group. This notice can be given by inclusion in a list of events to be organised by the group. The secretary may decide the time and venue for the meetings provided they are within 10 miles of the wood.
  10. The organisation shall hold regular meetings (at least quarterly) to discuss its policy and administration. All members shall be invited to these meetings, and each member will have one vote.
  11. The officers of the group shall consist of a Chairperson, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer plus any other officers that the group may consider appropriate.
  12. The officers and at least three elected members shall form the groups committee.
  13. The committee shall have the power to co – opt further members.
  14. The Group will set up a suitable banking account and will elect authorised signatories on a two from three basis.
  15. The official address or addresses of the group shall be determined by the committee.
  16. The officers of the group and elected members of the committee shall retire at each annual general meeting but shall be eligible for re – election. The committee may fill casual vacancies by nomination.
  17. The committee must convene such a meeting within two months on receipt of a request in writing from 10% of the members of the group.
  18. No part of the constitution shall be repealed or altered save by a majority of the members who are present and voting at a general meeting of the group. 42 days notice to the intention to propose any alteration shall be given to the secretary, who shall send the notice of the proposal to every member, at least 21 days before the date of the meeting.
  19. At every annual general meeting a statement of accounts shall be given by the Treasurer. These accounts must contain a report from an individual who has carried out an independent examination of the accounts to ensure that they are in accordance with the books and records of the group.
  20. The Committee may publish an annual list of members for distribution provided it is only for distribution to other members.
This constitution has been reviewed and agreed by the members at meeting on the 20th June 2004.
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