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All your queries about activities in the wood and the work TWIG do are answered below. If you wish to submit a question please e-mail it to or use the contact form.

Q:What is wrong with dumping garden waste in the wood? It's biodegradable
A:There are a couple of main reasons why it is wrong. Firstly, you are introducing plants which aren't native to the wood, they are garden plants and are not 'natural'. They may become invasive or bring disease. Secondly, if everyone was doing it imagine what the wood would look like with dumped garden waste. The council have a collection scheme tel: 01483 445084 or the nearest household dump is Ivy Road, Aldershot - very close.
Question answered 24/01/2006 by E Smith - Back to Q's
Q:What is wrong with dog mess in a wood?
A:Firstly, we are not objecting to dog mess in the wood, it is where the dogs are allowed to do it. Basically, it is the open areas or paths where children may run around or the public use regularly. It is well known to be dangerous to children who may touch it, wheelchair and pushchair users could get it trapped on their wheels and walkers could tread in it. With so many dog walkers some consideration for others needs to be made. Please ensure they go deeper into the wood or by a tree. Thank you.
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Q:Why were so many old trees cut down in the wood?
A:Unfortunately, some trees are old and dangerous so they have to be cut down for public safety. However, this does open up the ground to light where new wildflowers can grow.
Question answered 01/07/2005 by E Smith - Back to Q's
Q:Why were the trees cut down along the old railway line?
A:All the trees which grow below the electricity lines are kept at a certain height so they do not interfere with them. This work is carried out when necessary by the electricity board.
Question answered 01/06/2005 by E Smith - Back to Q's

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