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We would love to receive your sightings in the wood, please submit them using the Contact Form and choose "Sighting" as the subject.

18th Jun 06
Red Admirals
2 red admiral butterflies on Sun 18th June, lunchtime
11th Jun 06
Various sightings in late afternoon
5.30pm/6pm: red faced lovebird in orchard; great tits, wren, squirrel along desire path - orchard end; damson flies in play area; blackbird on railway path; painted lady butterfly in wildflower bank; swifts flying above
21st May 06
12pm, raining. House Martins flying around by orchard / desire path entrance. Great tit and blue tit down desire path. Squirrel.
11th May 06
Frog, butterflies and plants
Butterflies: Orange Tip, Peacock, Small White and Comma. 1 frog, wild arum and greater stitchwort.
Seen in the evening.
2nd May 06
Two sightings of spotted woodpeckers in the old part of the wood.

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